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Financial Advisors Guide to Outsourcing Marketing to a Virtual Assistant – TARC Training

13 Jun 2018

Financial Advisors Guide to Outsourcing Marketing to a Virtual Assistant

Via Celebrity Financial Advisors: Financial Advisors Guide to Outsourcing Marketing to a Virtual Assistant

A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Outsourcing Their Marketing To A Virtual Assistant

Do you find yourself performing mundane tasks associated with bringing in new clients? Is your marketing team working at capacity but you don’t want to take on the liability and expense of another employee? If you can relate, than hiring a virtual assistant (VA) may be a good option for you and/or your team.

Where Do I Find a Virtual Assistant?

Hiring an overseas VA is an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house digital marketer. If you are considering outsourcing marketing and hiring a Filipino VA, you can use recruitment agencies, online VA job boards or freelancer websites.

The Interview

While your VA’s skill set is important, you also want to hire a virtual assistant that fits in with the way you do business. This is why a phone or video chat interview is essential. If you’re an A-type person, a laid back VA probably isn’t the best choice. Discuss when they are available to talk and ask about their experience in content and digital marketing, along with their experience working with clients in the financial sector. If you like the person, ask them for a link to their portfolio. You might also offer to pay them once to perform a task that would be part of their job. This will give you a good feel if this VA is the right fit.


There are scheduled power outages in the Philippines; look for a VA that can plan for outages and still meet your deadlines. Another challenge is the difference in time zones. Ensure that your VA knows that all deadlines refer to your time zone. If it is 8:00 am in the Philippines, it is 8:00 pm EST.

How to Pay a VA

When you’re outsourcing marketing tasks to a VA, you’ll either pay the person by the hour, week or by the task. You should have a contract and have the VA sign any necessary tax documents for your files. Typically, you can pay your VA with PayPal, which is convenient since they figure out the exchange rate.


The cheapest VA for a financial advisor is not always the best choice. If you pay fair wages, you’ll receive good work. Your goal should be to build a relationship with your VA, which benefits both of you. Show your VA that they aren’t just an anonymous person in another country by paying them double at Christmas. Large Christmas bonuses are common in the Philippines.

Don’t Get Scammed

If you hire a freelancer and don’t bother using a reliable agency, you could run into trouble. Unscrupulous people will lift well-written articles off the Internet and either use them for their portfolio or give them to you. To avoid this, take a key phrase from the content, put quotes around it, and then search Google for the phrase. If it is stolen, you’ll see all of the places the content is already posted.

Do not advance wages for a worker to pay their Internet bill. If you’re paying a VA by the hour, you can ask for daily reports on their progress. Don’t let a VA go on working on a project for a week without contact, unless you have built a good working relationship with them.

Despite the few bad apples in the industry, outsourcing marketing to the Philippines usually works out very well. Moreover, Filipino virtual assistants speak excellent English, so communication isn’t a problem. Liberate yourself with a VA experienced in marketing.