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Personal Development Through Positive Self-Motivation – TARC Training

05 Jun 2018

Personal Development Through Positive Self-Motivation

Via Flipping Heck: Personal Development Through Positive Self-Motivation

Personal development is a continuous process. We evolve each day with everyone we meet and anything we do. When motivated, it becomes easy to continue to develop ourselves, because a motivated person feels confident to try new things and develop all the time.

Motivation brings optimism which is an important factor for winning in life. However, motivation has a short life when fostered by external factors.

For a long-term motivational drive, you need to self-motivate. When self-motivated, you will feel an inner-drive to stay optimistic, for eternity. Self-Motivation a key factor for Personal Development: It is important to have a desirous soul.

You cannot stay ahead of the competition without a desire. To win in every walk of life, desire is vital and desire comes when you are self-motivated. Each one of us is self-motivated in some way or other. When motivation springs from within, there is a force that drives us through. From simple decision to complex ones, self-motivation contributes to every aspect of our life and therefore helps us to develop.

Self-motivation isn’t inborn but, it can be created, developed and utilized throughout your life, this is what we call personal development. It is a strong tendency that keeps you close or away from a situation or object and over the time one can learn how to nurture it.

The importance of self-motivation, of igniting your own motivation, is essential to being able to improve your personal development. No one can pump motivation in you, it needs to be internal. Encouragement, education, inspiration and more comes when the motivation is internalized. When you have a positive thought, good things come your way along with success and motivation.

When sitting an exam, you fear attempting the paper because you think you aren’t prepared. Despite reading the whole night, you lack the confidence of knowing everything and thus feel demotivated. On the other hand, if it is your favorite subject, you feel self-motivated that you know the subject well.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation: As discussed above, there are two ways an individual can feel motivated- internally and externally. When you are motivated from within, it is known as Intrinsic motivation. Often, intrinsic motivation reaps personal gratification. There is no external gratification attached to our action. On the other hand, Extrinsic motivation is just the opposite. The actions of extrinsic motivation are often directed towards a desire and favorable outcome. It is a behavior or engagement in an activity that can reap favorable outcome.

Self-motivation is intrinsic and thus more rewarding. A self-motivated individual has higher chances of growth, success and satisfaction. You do not seek motivation from anything external but your own self. How can we self-motivate? It is important to learn how we can self-motivate. The first step towards a self-motivated mind, body and soul is understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Setting achievable goals come next, with your strength and weaknesses known and achievable goals set, you can be confident of what you should do and how successful you will be in your endeavors. Keeping good company and continuous learning also contributes to self-motivation. Develop constantly by staying self-motivated. It is the key to a happier today and brighter tomorrow.