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Why Learning Languages Is Cool – TARC Training

18 Jun 2018

Why Learning Languages Is Cool

Via Odyssey: Why Learning Languages Is Cool

Languages: learn one.

And I don’t mean Pig Latin, I mean an actual language that people speak, and you can go to a specific area in the world, and they would speak it.

Now you might say, “But I am bad at learning languages.” This is true, learning a language is difficult, but it is difficult if it is not applicable.

To put it in perspective, according to Foreign Language Learning Statistics, “Within primary education, a clear majority of pupils (choose to) learn English in the vast majority of EU Member States. Indeed, learning English is mandatory in several countries within secondary education institutions, and so a number of EU Member States have close to 100 % of pupils learning this language already in primary education.”

If they take the time to learn our language, then why can’t we put in the effort to do the same? This is a simple idea of respect for other people and their culture. English isn’t any better than any other language.

And don’t let your horrible Spanish teacher in high school dictate that that is how learning a language should be or will be. In fact, learning languages is fun! Think about it; not only are you learning a whole new systematic form of communication, but you are using those skills to communicate your thoughts to people who also speak that language. You are sharing thoughts, jokes and culture by using those words.

Words are important; learning words and communicating with people is important!

Of course I am not taking away the credibility of sign language because that is it’s form of communication and is a very valid form of language. In fact, there are great online resources to learn American sign language, here is a great website called, check it out! Not all language is necessarily spoken; language is about communication and reaching out to others!

Which brings me to my last point. Since we are in an age where everything is accessible via the Internet, there is no excuse not to learn a language of your choice. Languages are so amazing to truly delve into because it can open an infinite amount of doors.

Besides, what is better than hearing Michael Jackson in Quechuan?